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Series Training Programs

Series training programs are offered to individual businesses who need to send a group of employees to the same training.

Delta College series training programs are designed to address core competencies for specific job roles. These training programs vary in length and can be customized to fit a specific role by adding hours for additional competencies or removing ones that may not apply. All successful completers receive a certificate of completion from Delta College as an industry recognized credential.

These series training programs below are eligible for state training grant funds. Contact us for a more detailed description of the skill sets taught and a free consultation on how we can help.

Manufacturing Skills Series

Includes hands on skills labs at Delta College main campus state-of-the-art facilities. All manufacturing series training is eligible for Going Pro grant funds.

  • Advanced Manufacturing – 136 hours
    This curriculum is designed for advanced manufacturing to educate entry level process operators, manufacturing technicians, machine operators and assemblers. Focus on safety, applied math, industrial gauge reading, blueprint reading, SPC, PLC and more. 

  • Chemical Process Operator– 520 hours
    This curriculum is designed to provide core skills for chemical process operators. Includes EH&S, process technology, equipment and systems, quality, instrumentation, problem solving and more.  Successful participants earn certificate of completion and 23 academic credits.

  • CNC Operator – 144 hours
    Training is designed to educate entry level CNC operators in core skills. Includes safety, milling, machine CNC, applied math, metal turning, lean, blueprint reading, communication and more.

  • CNC Programmer – 192 hours
    Series developed to train beginner CNC programmers. Includes: programming CNC mill, programming CNC lathe, CNC machine overview, applied math, gauge reading and more.

  • Instrumentation Technician – 200 hours
    Offered in the summer, this program is designed to train instrumentation technician skills used in the processing industry. Training topics include process measurement and control, pressure measurement intro, temperature measurement, level measurement methods, flow and analytical measurement, controllers, control loop, process diagrams, control valves and more. Successful participants earn a certificate of completion AND 11 academic credits.

  • Warehouse & Logistics Technician – 60 hours
    Series provides manufacturing basics for individuals with minimal or no manufacturing experience to prepare for logistics roles. Training provides certificate of completion and fork lift certification. Topics include hand and power tools, fork lift training, applied math, basic computer skills, units of measurement, procedure use and safety.

Leadership & Mentoring Series

  • High Performing Leadership – 40 hours
    Leadership series for seasoned leaders seeking to take their team to the next level and build a succession plan where knowledge can be transferred to new members of the team as other members retire. Training includes effective leadership techniques, creating an inclusive environment, management of high performing teams, leading change initiatives and mentoring foundations and stages. Can be delivered virtually or at your place of business. Delivered in five full days or virtually, four hours a day, over 10 weeks. Eligible for Going Pro grant funds. 

  • Inspirational Leadership – 18 hours
    Series designed to clarify differences between being a manager and being a good leader at any point in a career. Topics include leadership style self-assessment, building a team, delegation for results, project management, negotiation and persuasion and change management. Three-hour sessions designed for high group engagement and discussion and delivered over six days in person or virtually. Eligible for Going Pro grant funds. 

  • Mentoring Five Part Series – 7.5 hours
    Individuals seeking to grow into leadership roles can discover the five foundational pillars of mentoring, and how to leverage those into actionable steps forward. Learn myths of mentorship and how to develop, define and conclude your journey. Individuals provided tool kit and action plan takeaways. Full day engaging course.

  • Problem Solving and Effectiveness – 40 hours
    Designed for individuals new to supervisory roles. Addresses shifting from being a peer to a supervisor and fundamental skills. Topics include critical thinking skills and effective decision making, high performing teams, problem solving in teams, team and personal effectiveness and time and priority management. Eligible for Going Pro Grant funds. 

"Delta College advanced blueprint reading training cut our time to production by two hours each day saving manhours. Delta is a preferred training partner because the quality of instruction is exceptional."

Mary Gmeiner 
Director of Human Resources-North America, Umbra Group