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Michigan New Jobs Training Program for new & expanding businesses

The Michigan New Jobs Training Program (MNJTP) is an economic development tool for new and expanding businesses providing the ability to train their workforce at virtually no cost when they implement a training agreement with Delta College. Payroll withholding tax normally paid to the State of Michigan for qualified roles,  is instead to be diverted to pay for employee training. This results in thousands of dollars of free training for new employees in qualifying positions and the ability to train them after they are hired through the term of the contract.

MNJTP LogoDelta College MNJTP is a pre-pay, pay as you go model. Meaning the business defers payroll withholding tax dollars normally paid to the State of Michigan to their Delta College project training account, and once the account has built up enough to cover the cost of training, the business is pre-approved by Delta for training activities and the business pays for it. Then the business submits to Delta College for reimbursement of training expense from their training account.

What Jobs Qualify

 A "new job" means a full-time job in the state of Michigan that meets all of the following:

  • Are not jobs of a recalled worker, replacement job or other jobs that existed in the employer’s business within the one-year period preceding the agreement's date.
  • Is not a job from another location of employer in State of Michigan.
  • Are new jobs that result in a net increase in employment in Michigan for the employer.
  • Are new jobs that pay the eligible wage for that county as determined by the State of Michigan ALICE wage rate calculation.  County wage examples:
    • Bay $16.77
    • Saginaw $17.10
    • Midland $17.42
JoAnn Crary, President of Saginaw Future

"Delta College has an outstanding reputation for quality training in the region. They continue to impress me with their quick responsiveness to our business needs."

JoAnn Crary
President of Saginaw Future, Inc.


Trevor Keyes

"We’re thankful to have a partner like Delta College in our community. The training they offer assists all of our businesses in growth, positioning them for future success."

Trevor Keyes
President & CEO of Bay Future, Inc.


Tony Stamas

"Delta College is an incredible asset to our community and the businesses we serve. The training and talent development opportunities offered are relevant, responsive and creative solutions to today's talent challenges."

Tony Stamas
President and CEO, Midland Business Alliance