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Safe & Healthy Pioneers

Delta College no longer requires individuals to wear masks indoors, no matter your vaccination status. 

Masks on campus

Masking is currently optional in all Delta College facilities including classroom settings. If you are in an external site that requires masking, such as a medical clinical facility, then masks may still be required to remain a part of that program experience. 

health screening

Delta College utilizes a health screening form, which students and employees must complete only if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. The screening includes a list of questions that can be accessed from Delta’s mobile app or by going directly to the screening for Delta employees and students or the screening for campus visitors

Reporting Sickness

If a student has been exposed to COVID-19 or contracted the illness, please email us at as soon as possible. Members of Delta’s Student Safety Management System will assist you through the next steps.

Faculty and staff members will utilize a different process and should contact in the Human Resources department for assistance.

For students, their instructors will be alerted through a confidential document that is aligned with HIPAA practices. A case manager will work one-on-one with the student on a return-to-campus plan, which will be shared with the student’s instructors. It is the student’s responsibility to communicate directly with their instructors on their academic requirements.