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Set Up Delta Account

Once you've applied and have been admitted at Delta, you'll need to set up your Delta College account. But what is your Delta account? How does it differ from your application account? What can you access with it? And most importantly, how do you set it up? Check out the answers to all of these questions below.

What is the difference between my Application account and delta account?

When you applied to Delta College you used a personal email address and password that you can use to access that application at any time. However, that is not the same username and password that you'll use to access all of your Delta College information. You'll receive that information 4 hours after you've been admitted. So what's the difference between your application account and your Delta College account?

Application Account Delta Account
Apply to Delta Set up after admitted to Delta
Fill out guided self-placement survey Access all my student records
Find my student ID number Register and pay for classes
Access my acceptance letter Access email and online classes
Uses personal email (gmail, yahoo, icloud, etc.) Uses domain


What is my delta account used for?

Click on each of the items to learn more about what that software is used for and why it's important to you as a Delta student.

D2L Brightspace

D2L Brightspace is where you'll access your Delta classes. Online classes are housed in D2L Brightspace, but many in person classes will keep information in here too. This is also where you can access your online orientation. There is a lot of great information on how to use D2L Brightspace below.

D2L Brightspace    Tips for Using D2L Brightspace

Delta Email

Once you're a Delta student, your Delta College email will be extremely important. While the Admissions office will send your next steps to your personal email account, all of the other offices and instructors will be sending messages to your Delta email. It is so important that you check this often so you don't miss any important information or deadlines.

Pro Tip: Set up the Microsoft Outlook app on your phone or mobile device so you get notifications right at your fingertips. 

Delta Email    Set Up Email On Your Phone


Experience is a customizable dashboard where you can easily access all of the items that you deem most important. There are quick links to D2L Brightspace, your Delta email, and Student Self-Service. You'll even be able to easily access your class schedule, your Student Success Advisor, and so much more.


Student Self-Service

Student Self-Service is where you'll go to register for classes, check on the status of your financial aid, and pay for your classes.

Student Self-Service


How do I set up my Delta Account?

Once you've been admitted to Delta College and have received your account creation link from, you're ready to set up your Delta account and Multifactor Authentication (MFA). 

What is Multifactor Authentication?

Multifactor Authentication or MFA is an extra level of security that protects your Delta account. There are four different ways to confirm your identity:

  • App – receive a push notification to the Microsoft Authenticator app
  • Phone – receive a phone call and hit the pound sign to confirm it’s you
  • Text – receive a six-digit code in a text message
  • Email – receive a six-digit code in an email to a non-Delta email address

Do I have to set up mfa?

Yes, all students and staff members of Delta College have to set up MFA. It's in place to protect you and your information.

If you're having issues setting up MFA, contact the Help Desk at 989-686-9575 or for assistance.

How do i reset my delta password?

Your Delta account password will expire every year. If you need to reset your password before it expires, you can always do so using Delta's password management page. Note that in order to successfully change your password, you'll need to have two different options set up for Multifactor Authentication (MFA).

Change Your Password

900+ high school students were dual enrolled last year.

900+ high school students were dual enrolled last year. 

dollar signs

Dual enrollment classes are usually paid for by your high school.

Grad Cap
 95% of Delta grads said they were happy with how their credits transferred.

"All my credits transferred. I’ll be considered a sophomore my first year. Now I’m not so stressed about going to college. I know what I’m doing."

Eriana Dekalita-Mull
Delta College dual enrollment student
Kingston High School
Attends Central Michigan University